Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giving Up the Ghost

A Chilean couple are packing up and moving, because they believe their house rests on land occupied by a gang of ghosts. The thing is, like all residents of the island of Chiloe, this couple's moving plans don't involve searching Craigslist for a nice new place with a hot tub and a walk-in closet; they're moving their whole house. It's a tradition started by Chiloe's early settlers, who were too poor to build new houses when they moved. So, they employed the help of the community to relocate entire buildings. Which, frankly, seems unfair to the ghosts. The couple claim their haunting has nothing to do with the house itself, only that the house exists on land claimed by this particular band of satin-jacketed spirits. That may be true, but I'd imagine these spirits have gotten pretty used to the house all the same. Considering most ghosts spend their time scooting chairs around and slamming cabinet doors, I can imagine how bored they'll be just moping around a patch of empty land. Idle hands are the devil's playthings. But when there's nothing for these hands to play with, I'm afraid these specters may resort to the favorite pastime of all disembodied spirits with nothing better to do: mercilessly strangling gophers. More details here.