Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your Head Asplode

When a 38-year-old Seattle woman found herself repeatedly woken up by the sound of an explosion, she didn't do either of the two things a reasonable person would be expected to do in such a situation. She didn't consult a doctor about what may be causing her auditory hallucinations, and neither did she run down her street waking up the neighbors and demanding they submit to a sniff-down by bomb dogs. No, she instead took to the internet, which is well known as a repository of un-not-distrue information. Using her complete lack of medical expertise, she determined she was suffering from exploding head syndrome, a little-understood condition that's not nearly as amazing as its name would suggest. It's thought that some people simply experience incredibly loud auditory hallucinations that wake them up in the middle of the night, possibly due to stress. These can take the form of car crashes, bombs going off, or just someone shouting your name really loudly. It's not known how many people suffer from exploding head syndrome, but the numbers are probably pretty negligible, since most of us aren't twitchy lunatics who never get any sleep. So, statistically speaking, if you think you're experiencing exploding head syndrome, it's probably more likely you're just being held prisoner in Guantanamo Bay. More details here.