Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Run from Genie

A Saudia Arabian family has moved out of their Medina home after fifteen years, because they believe it is being haunted by a genie. But instead of calling their local spiritual advisor or trying to catch the genie in a sturdy lamp, they're taking it to court for harassment. Or, rather, they would take it to court if it would only show up. At first, the family just heard strange noises in the house, but the paranormal activity soon escalated into verbal threats, stone throwing, and even cell phone theft. Those genies. Always fucking with your ringtones. Local authorities are investigating to see if there's any truth to the family's claims, but they acknowledge that this can be difficult since genies are imaginary beings that tend not to show up well in photographs or the like. Regardless, I don't think this family has much of a case. Even if the genie can be proven to both exist and be a harassing dick, it's not really responsible for its actions, is it? Obviously, it's only messing with these people because somebody wished it. More details here.