Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A scientist at University College, Cork (British towns have stupid, stupid names) [UPDATE: I've been informed Cork is actually an Irish town. For those who don't know, Ireland is the walled-off area where Britain stores her piles of human garbage.] has been reprimanded for sexually harassing a colleague. But unlike normal sexual predators who simply cop feels or leave their pubic hairs on Diet Coke cans, this professor allegedly attempted to arouse a co-worker by sending her a link to a study on bat fellatio. The woman complained, and the university found in her favor. But the professor feels he's been wrongly accused, claiming that he only sent the bat blowjob story because is was relevant to his field of study. And a cadre of academics has expressed support for the professor, saying that reprimanding a scientist for distributing a scientific study is an affront to academic freedom. That may be true, but I think we're missing the forest for the trees here. What I want to know is why anyone would think a story about bat fellatio is sexually arousing? I mean, I'm as freaky as anyone, but even the taboo aspect isn't enough to turn my crank, since BATS ARE HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING CREATURES. I'm not saying they don't have any value in nature. I'm only suggesting they should be eradicated. Unless they know how to deepthroat, of course. More details here.