Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Of course the world's going to end. Everything does. Which raises a few existential questions. Most importantly, will a post-apocalyptic world still have sloppy joes? Thankfully, one company has an answer. Entrepreneur Robert Vicino is collecting deposits on behalf of his company Vivos to build a 13,000 doomsday shelter somewhere in the Mojave Desert. Not only will it accommodate at least 132 people in its nuke-proof bunker, but it will also feature an atrium, a gym, and a restaurant with (thank God) sloppy joes on the menu. "I'm careful not to promote fear," Vicino said, before going on to promote fear by adding, "But sooner or later, I think you're going to need to seek shelter." Truer words were never spoken by someone swimming in a pool full of fear money. More details here.