Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Demon Fight

They say never discuss religion or politics with people. And by “they” I mean “the boring”. What could be more fun? Especially if you treat all those who disagree with you as sub-humans worthy of a phenomenal beating. And by “fun” I mean “criminally deranged”. Three men have been arrested for beating up another man at a Memorial Day bonfire in Illinois. The motive? They were having a religious discussion, and when the victim brought up demons, things got out of hand. There aren’t any more details than this, which is a shame. It’s possible the victim could have told his assailants that he was, in fact, a demon with terrible demon powers. In which case, this could be spun as self defense. But I guess we’ll never know. Fun fact: the three attackers were 18-year-old twin brothers and their 44-year-old father, pictured here in his favorite shirt from Irony Outfitters. More details here.