Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cheney vs. Clinton vs. Sanity

Poor Dick Cheney. No one takes him seriously just because he's a heartless, rage-fueled golem cartoonishly obsessed with personal secrecy and the establishment of a foreign policy that looks like Machiavelli playing a game of Risk. And now that he's out of office (or, more specifically, out of his undisclosed, underground, taxpayer-funded lair), he's the butt of even more yucks. Case in point: Hillary Clinton's recent reaction to Cheney's request that the Obama administration release classified CIA documents showing the useful intelligence gained from torturing terror suspects. See, Obama released previously classified memos laying out the specifics of the Bush administration's torture techniques. Stuff like throwing detainees into concrete boxes with insects and slamming them into walls. You know, guy shit. Anyway, Cheney thinks this was an awfully one-sided move. And he's probably right in the sense that releasing these memos, while historically significant and well within the boundaries of the law, did serve to make the Obama administration look comparatively great, even in the face of the global economic apocalypse. And it was rather classless of Clinton to simply laugh off Cheney's request and quip that he's not a "particularly reliable source of information". Come on, Hillary. Dick's an easy target, plus your comedy act doesn't speak at all to the substance of his claims. Instead of trying to out-dick Dick, you might instead have noted that it doesn't matter what intelligence was gained via torture because THE UNITED STATES SHOULDN'T FUCKING TORTURE PEOPLE! More details here.

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