Monday, April 20, 2009

Jackie Chan Dropkicks Freedom

For some reason, Jackie Chan recently addressed a meeting of Chinese political and business leaders. If that weren't bizarre enough, he also took the opportunity to tell his audience he's not sure Chinese people should be free. According to him, too much freedom can lead to chaos. "[China] could end up like in Taiwan," he said. Which is a pretty good point, considering rampant freedom has turned Taiwan into a bloodthirsty societal wasteland. Or am I thinking of something else? In any case, Chan went on to suggest that perhaps there's something about Chinese people that requires them to be controlled, though he then lamented the fact that the governmentally micromanaged Chinese manufacturing industry produces the types of products he won't buy for fear they might "explode". Way to prove a point, Mr. Chan. And before you ask, this speech was apparently not one of his trademark slapsticky stunts. More details here.

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