Monday, April 13, 2009

John Safran's Balls of Steel

Even if he wasn't our first ever Amateur Scientist Podcast guest, we'd still love the hell out of Australian radio and TV personality John Safran. Not only is his series John Safran vs. God one of the greatest religious dissections ever transmitted, but his Sunday Night Safran show on Triple J radio soothes the gaping holes where our souls should be. Now, Safran's gone and made us love him even more by really putting himself in the sandals of Jesus this Easter and having himself nailed to a cross. On Good Friday, the insanely faithful in many parts of the world reenact the trials and tribulations of Jesus to varying degrees of bloody accuracy. In Manila, where Safran took part in the festivities this year, they actually nail themselves to crosses. It's easy to imagine why the insane would do such a thing, but why Safran? Well, according to his friend and radio co-host Father Bob Maguire, John probably did so out of "forensic" curiosity. So, he's sort of like one of those CSI investigators, only real and awesome. Apparently, John's okay, and we'll try to have him on the podcast to talk about his giant steel balls sometime soon. More details here. Thanks to Linley for the link.

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