Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Batty, Batty Bachmann

Republican representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is a bit of a loon. Sure, that sounds like a quick and easy insult, but I don't use the word lightly. There are plenty of people with idiotic political beliefs who are otherwise balanced, intelligent, rational human beings. But then there are those like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann. They seem to be both wrong and batshit insane. Worse, Bachmann apparently believes she's been placed in office directly by God to combat health-care reform, because there's nothing Jesus spoke against more than free trips to the hospital. On a virtual "town hall" conference call with fellow insane people like Rep. Virginia Foxx (who called Matthew Shepard's murder a hoax), Bachmann suggested that the Democrats might force all doctors to perform abortions and that the best way to defeat health-care reform is with prayer, fasting, and "actions". I find this particularly disturbing since President Obama seems to have misplaced his balls of late, and it's looking unlikely a massive health-care bill will even pass. Which means Bachmann and her mad, mad ilk will be able to claim this defeat for the power of whispering to imaginary people and not eating stuff. This is why I'm also going to predict the failure of health-care reform, only I'm going to claim it's because I switched to boxer briefs. There's plenty of bullshit to go around, so feel free to rope off your own little pile as well. More details here.