Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Depending on whom you believe, President Obama's vision for health care reform is either going to lead the U.S. into a socialist nightmare of emergency room waiting lists and treatment rejection for people who need care the most, or THAT'S THE FUCKING SYSTEM WE ALREADY HAVE! Excuse me. Anyway, there's a fair amount of room for disagreement on the issues. Cost is of particular concern, since the country seems to be in almost as much debt as Willy Nelson circa 1992. But during the numerous town hall meetings held by various congresspeople these last several weeks, a very vocal group of critics has made it a point to stand up and shout apocalyptic warnings every chance they get. The leaders on the left seem to think this is a lunatic fringe riled by talk radio and anachronistically designed fake news websites. And the leaders on the right seem to think these people represent the voice of the majority who truly don't want to pay any less to see a doctor about that thing on their necks. Either explanation seems a little too easy. As always, I'm sure the truth is a little more complicated than that. So, what do you think? Who are these people, and what's their deal? While Obama's been busy not pushing for gay people to have anything like equal rights, has he inspired a new crop of nutcases to spring up? Or will public health care really be the first block on a yellow brick road to DOOM?! Discuss in the comments.