Monday, August 31, 2009

Here be Dragon*Con!

It's that time of year again. Later this week, thousands upon thousands of nerds, geeks, furries, and geeky nerd furries will be descending upon the great city of Atlanta, Georgia for Dragon*Con. Like last year, Skepticality's Derek Colanduno has masterminded a weekend's worth of skeptical programming for the second annual Skeptrack. This year's lineup includes appearances by The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe's Steve Novella and Rebecca Watson, Skeptoid's Brian Dunning, Point of Inquiry's D.J. Grothe, Bad Astronomy's Phil Plait, and Mythbusters' Adam Savage, among many, many more.

And on Sunday, Sept. 6th at 11pm, The Amateur Scientist Podcast will be recording live from the con with special guest co-host Christian Walters and special guest guest Jeff Wagg of the James Randi Educational Foundation. Fun! Excitement! Prizes! Orgies? Maybe!

Plus, starting this Thursday, you can check back here for daily video updates featuring special appearances by some of your favorite skeptics, furries, nerds, geeks, and skeptically geeky nerd furries.

You've been warned.