Friday, August 7, 2009

Can't Ungay the Gay

The American Psychological Association has surveyed several peer-reviewed studies on the subject and issued a report saying programs meant to turn gay people straight rarely if ever work and can even cause psychological harm. This comes as no surprise to people whose sexual urges are nothing like deciding on the chicken or fish at a country buffet. The report says that these programs only force people into suppressing their sexual activities and desires instead of changing the focus of those desires. They can also be a significant cause of depression and suicidal tendencies in participants who are told their genetic coding makes Jesus cry. However, it's unlikely this report will do anything to stop people from promoting ex-gay brainwashing, as it was never based on reasonable data in the first place. Which sort of makes the stated purpose of discouraging mental health professionals from recommending these programs pretty laughable. The people who promote this shit are neither professional nor mentally healthy. More details here.