Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Sin Bin

Jesus fucking Christ, Great Britain. Really? It's bad enough that you can't flip off a bobby or urinate in a UK alleyway without having it captured on CCTV cameras. Now Children's Secretary (possibly the most emasculating title of all time) Ed Balls (possibly the most re-masculating name of all time) wants to spend four hundred million pounds of taxpayer money to peek in on families who aren't rearing their children properly in the eyes of the state. These families would be placed in a so-called "sin bin". Basically, it's a form of house arrest. CCTV cameras would be installed in their homes, and they would be monitored by authorities to make sure their children go to school, eat proper meals, and get a good night's sleep. Security guards would also be deployed to carry out random home checks. This horrible parody of free society has been going on at the local level already, but Balls wants to spread his taint all over Great Britain. Look, I'm all for the idea of child protective services. If parents are abusing their children, they should have those children taken away from them and put in protective custody. But micromanaging family life is incredibly fucking horrid. Sometimes my mom was too busy to cook a well balanced dinner, so she slapped a Big Mac in my face. I don't think this should have prompted a state-sponsored surveillance system to be installed in our house. Brits, you should demand Mr. Balls be removed from office. You hear me? No more Balls! More details here.