Friday, August 7, 2009

Prayer Reversal

Back in 1678, Swiss villagers vowed to live virtuous lives in exchange for God granting their prayers to shrink a local glacier that caused a lake to flood into their homes. This is reasonable considering these people had absolutely no grasp on reason. God chose to ignore them for nearly 200 years, so in 1862 they began holding an annual prayer procession in honor of shrinking the glacier. But since you can't stop chunking up your perm with hairspray, the glacier is melting like crazy. So much so that the villagers want backsies. They're trying to meet with Pope Joey Ratzo to receive his permission to reverse their prayers and encourage God to build the glacier back up. Like many people who believe in the power of prayer to actually change anything in physical reality, these people seem to be in an abusive relationship with God. For centuries he ignores them, then he does what they say but to an outrageous extreme. And still they worship! It's just an endless cycle. But here's hoping God gets off his duff before the glacier completely melts and these people are all fending for their lives in a postapocalyptic waterworld. More details here.