Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boo! Broom

So, there's a broom standing straight up inside a yet-to-open Montgomery, Alabama consignment shop. The owner of the shop says the broom was leaning against some furniture, but when the furniture was moved, the broom stayed in place. Now, people from all around are coming to investigate the mysterious broom. There isn't any glue on the bristles, and no magnets or wires hold it in place. Push on its handle, and it just wobbles a bit. Unless you push it harder. In which case, it falls over. Try standing it up in other parts of the building, and you won't be able to. Well, it'll stand in some other parts of the building. But not many! A local paranormal investigation group spend a couple of hours investigating the broom, since it's obviously being held upright by disembodied spirits. They looked over the consignment shop as well as surrounding buildings. One of them went to the bathroom, and the lights went out. But their president, Jake Bell, has a more mundane explanation. "I just think it balances that way," he said. What a killjoy. More details here.