Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cow Comfort

Most of the time, dairy cows are kept in a small stall with little room for lying down or strolling about. But a new law has put an end to such cruelty in Norway. For half the day, Norwegian cows are encouraged to spread their big, beautiful bodies across a rubber mattress and just let their udders flop around in the open. Left to their own devices, cows are naturally sensual creatures who, like Hugh Hefner, spend most of their daylight hours just lounging around and occasionally squirting milky substances. But it turns out this law isn't just good for the cows. It's also good for the farmers. Why? Because well-rested cows produce 5-6% more milk and suffer from fewer udder infections. Slinking between the sheets, beckoning you with their eyes, cows experience greater overall blood flow, which increases their productivity. HOT! More details here.

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