Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On the Overestimation of Origins

You've probably heard that out-of-work actor Kirk Cameron and poon-broomed evangelist Ray Comfort are planning to hand out thousands of copies of their own version of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species on college campuses this November. The catch is that they've inserted a forward about how Darwin is full of crap and all scientists are liars. And why? Because, as Cameron explains it to noted science journal People Magazine, On the Origin of Species is "the Bible of the atheists". But I'm not sure this is true. Most atheists have probably never read the book. People believe in evolution primarily because it just makes more sense than the idea that people were created by dirt and ribs 6,000 years ago. It makes sense to anyone who's ever broken a vestigial tail bone or had to get a flu shot because the previous year's strain evolved. All the scientific data backing up evolution is just gravy. And the best way to get your message across to horny, drunken coeds probably isn't to throw a Victorian science tome at them, crazy forward or not. This all seems very misguided and silly. Sort of like Genesis. More details here.

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