Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mind Over Manners

An unidentified man is now being held by the Singapore police after he threatened to crash the plane with his mind powers during a Qantas flight from Australia. According to a reporter who happened to be on the flight, the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It's also possible that the psychic energy absorption necessary to launch an all-out telekinetic attack on such a scale could work a number on a person's cognitive faculties, so let's not jump to conclusions. The most worrisome part about this story is how flight attendants handled the situation. After the man made his threat, they cuffed his arms and legs to prevent him from moving. Which is, of course, completely useless when dealing with a powerful psychic warrior. If he needed his arms and legs, he wouldn't be destroying the plane with his mind powers, would he? The only way to properly restrain such a villain is with one of Dr. Reed Richards' psi-blocking helmets made of unstable aluminum molecules. But despite how many angry letters I write to airlines and Marvel comics, no carriers stock their planes with such helmets. Unbelievable. But since this guy didn't end up destroying the plane, I guess we'll never know how dangerous he really was. Unless the Singapore police can somehow cane that information out of him. More details here.