Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vote for the Best Fat Jesus!

Deciding on four finalists for the Fat Jesus Art Contest was tough. Almost as tough as it is for Fat Jesus to stop stuffing his maw with loaves and fishes. All entries are worth an honorable mention. Well, except for Rebecca's, since she hasn't been forgiven for rigging the Amateur Scientist Podcast raffle at last year's Dragon*Con. But the rest? Superb. (And even Rebecca's is pretty great.) Check them all out on the forum.

But whittle them down I have. Vote for your favorite in the poll below. And click on the thumbnails at the bottom of this post for full-size versions. The winner will be announced on the 100th episode of The Amateur Scientist Podcast on May 1st and shall receive a free podcast t-shirt for his or her trouble. I don't need to tell you the stakes are high. Happy voting!