Monday, April 19, 2010

Bringing it Back Home

Britain's University of Hertfordshire recently hosted a conference called "Open Graves, Open Minds," which gathered literature experts and students to discuss the history and current state of vampire fiction. But while most of the proceedings were undoubtedly devoted to discussing the best way to achieve maximum skin sparkle without getting glitter in your eyes, there was a decidedly nationalistic subtext to the affair. Prof. Sam George, who now heads a master's degree program in vampire fiction at Hertfordshire, says that it's about time vampires returned to their British roots. After all, "Dracula" was written by Irishman Bram Stoker, and the character has historically been played by British actors. George is tired of all these American pretenders to the gothy throne. And I, for one, support the effort to send vampires and their fans back across the pond. If only so I can go to an American comic book convention in my Rocket Racer costume without having to elbow through all those "Twilight" nerds. More details here.