Monday, April 5, 2010

Standing Up for Idiocy

Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin is a U.S. Army physician with eighteen years of service under his belt. Well, for now. Lt. Col. Lakin may not keep his position much longer, since he's decided to disobey a deployment order to Afghanistan until President Obama produces his birth certificate. Lakin believes any order coming from a military with Obama as commander-in-chief is potentially illegal unless Obama can prove he's qualified to be president as a natural born citizen. But the chances that Obama is a foreign impostor seem pretty slim. Partly because Obama has already produced his Hawaii birth certificate and partly because any coverup of Obama's foreigner status would have to involve the Hawaii state government, Obama's parents, all of the mainstream media, and (I'm assuming) the Moonies. However, it is the duty of all military personnel to refuse orders they believe are illegal. But it's also their duty to know enough about reality to discern an illegal order from a legal one. More details here.