Tuesday, April 6, 2010


At an upcoming World Health Organization conference, Catherine Ison of Britain's Health Protection Agency will give a speech encouraging health experts to change the way they treat gonorrhea. According to Ison, many parts of the world have reported an upswing in antibiotic resistance in certain strains of the bacteria. To prevent it from becoming a multi-drug resistant superbug, she suggests doctors begin treating the infection with two different antibiotics simultaneously. Of course, gonorrhea is a preventable disease for anyone who uses protection when having sex, but a lot of people are apparently willing to undergo multiple antibiotic treatments and a little genital swelling if it means an infinitesimal increase in sexual sensitivity. That, or they've just never learned how to use a condom, since wasting sperm makes Jesus cry. Drug resistant gonorrhea strains have mostly been reported in southeast Asia and southern Africa, so it might be wise for those who plan to have sex in those regions to settle for lightly humping their partners while encased in a Glad bag. More details here.