Thursday, February 7, 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury: Idiot

It's stories like this that just make me sad. Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, has called for the U.K. to adopt Sharia law, the oppressive codes of conduct dictated by fundamentalist Islam, into their legal system. While he's careful to state that the more woman-hating and violent aspects of Sharia should be ignored, he thinks that allowing Sharia law to govern civil matters such as divorce would help Muslims integrate into British society. Multiculturalism has its place in a country with as large an immigrant Muslim population as Great Britain's, but there is a line to be drawn in any free society. Williams' assertion that there shouldn't be one set of laws for everyone living in a democracy is idiotic. Religion and government are incompatible, and allowing the two to intermingle--especially in the context of the barbarism that is Sharia law--will literally lead to the downfall of British society. Of course, one should expect that kind of lunacy from a man whose position in life hasn't held any relevance since the time of Chaucer. More details here.

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