Monday, February 4, 2008

The Devil Made Me Do It

This is either evidence that no one should perform an exorcism without the proper training or that paranoid schizophrenics really shouldn't mix their craziness with religion. 60-year-old Texan Jan David Clark claims that the devil entered his body while he was attempting to exorcise a demon from his wife Susan and forced him to kill her. Police found her body wrapped in a white sheet with a cross and sword on top. There seems to be a rash of exorcism-related deaths in the past few months. Is this kind of nonsense becoming a trendy new hobby? Or is the inherent insanity of believing in demonic possession finally catching up with people? Or is this all real? In which case, how does this murder stack up in the ongoing competition between "God told me to do it" and "the devil made me do it"? More details here.

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