Monday, February 18, 2008

Sewer Zombie

British towns have been known to pay self-proclaimed psychic exorcists public funds to cleanse houses of evil spirits, so I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising to learn that a sewage treatment plant in Eastbourne, East Sussex has hired "parapsychologist" Michael Kingscote to investigate what workers there describe as a zombie that stalks the facility's tunnels. Also, there may be ghosts. Mark Wey, the worker who hired Kingscote, says: "Michael instantly detected someone standing there and he was suspicious there was something quite unusual there. The conclusion is, we can't prove it is haunted because of strong electromagnetic fields, which can cause the illusion of being haunted, the feeling of being touched or watched, but there is definitely paranormal activity." In other words: "I have no understanding of how electromagnetic energy works. Also, we can't prove anything. Also, it's definitely a zombie ghost." See how dumb this all sounds when you cut out the bullshit? One commentator on this story suggests that it might be more reasonable to assume some homeless vagrant is terrorizing the plant. Maybe. Or maybe there are for worse things to worry about in a dark, sewage-encrusted tunnel than imaginary creatures. More details here.

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