Friday, February 15, 2008

Murder in Saudi Arabia

It's not been a good month for Saudi Arabia. Because of their ludicrous adherence to Islam's arcane and oppressive Sharia law, they've already banned the color red and arrested a woman for being in the same Starbucks as a man who wasn't her husband. And now they've upheld a death sentence for Fawza Falih, an illiterate woman accused of witchcraft. She was forced to sign a false confession saying that she had bewitched several men in her village--leaving one of them impotent. The insecurity of Saudi Arabia's religious police couldn't be more evident here; they can't help but blame their tiny, non-functioning penises on the dark arts. The fact that New York's Human Rights Watch has issued a statement of protest to the Saudi government while the governments of the free world have remained silent might (and should) interrupt your sleep tonight. Of course, you could always take comfort in knowing that the death sentence has been upheld to "protect the creed, souls, and propery of [Saudi Arabia]," according to the Saudi court. More details here.

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