Monday, February 11, 2008

Barack Obama: Marked Man?

What do British Nobel literature laureate Doris Lessing and American rapper Half Dollar (a.k.a. Fiddy Sint) have in common? Both of them support Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign because they think Barack Obama will be assassinated. Look, I know better than most people that the race problem in this country is far from solved, but we're no longer living in black and white footage from '60s Alabama. Not only do black people share our lunch counters these days, but we don't even have lunch counters. All races have joined in an admittedly uneasy alliance to lament the fact that our local Burger Kings have discontinued the Whopper solely to film our outraged reactions. Also, grow the hell up. If you really think a roving band of racists will murder any dark-skinned president, why not throw a popularly elected black man right in their faces. Why cower to them? Why settle for someone less simply out of fear? And has rapid inflation lowered the value on Fiddy Sint to a paltry Thirdy-Five Sint? More details here.

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