Monday, February 11, 2008

Olympic Gag Order

The British Olympic Association has banned its country's athletes from criticizing China's totalitarian regime before or during this year's Olympic Games in Beijing. The BOA's chief executive, Simon Clegg (pictured here looking forlorn), says that the British athletes are like ambassadors and shouldn't be allowed to speak out about China's human rights violations. Clegg obviously has no idea what an ambassador from a free democracy is supposed to do. And lest you think this is just simple British politeness run rampant, you should know that the prince of Wales--that bat-eared water brain with a penchant for stupid religions and matronly blondes--has refused to attend the games because of the same atrocities the Olympic athletes aren't allowed to criticize. Clegg says this policy is just an extension of previous bans on political demonstrations and that athletes will be allowed to answer direct questions that ask for their opinions. "There is a difference between giving an honest answer," he says, "to actually going out to make a specific political point." No, you idiot, there isn't. More details here.

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