Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chelsea Clinton: Pimped

Will the Clinton campaign never cease its hyperbole and nonsense? MSNBC's David Shuster has been suspended by his network and lambasted by Sen. Clinton for saying that it seems like the campaign is "pimping" Chelsea to the Democratic Party in order to garner sympathy votes. Guess what? They are. While still maintaining that Chelsea is off-limits for media criticism (as if she were still the awkward pre-teen of the 1992 campaign), her parents have had her on the phone with Democratic super delegates and made sure to plaster her face on television. As Shuster rightly pointed out, the Clinton campaign is treating Chelsea like their secret plaything. You know, kind of whorey. Sen. Clinton's idiotic assertion that Shuster's comment was sexist assumes that only women are called whores, which is simply ridiculous considering that Bill Clinton is one of the worst whores to occupy the White House in my lifetime. And it's fitting that Chelsea would follow in the footsteps of her mother, who's been whoring herself to the health insurance industry for years. More details here.

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