Monday, March 31, 2008

Animated Apostacy

If life were an '80s action movie, this would be about the time when the racist stereotype comic relief character proclaims, "Hold onto your butts!" While the Netherlands are all atwitter over MP Geert Wilders' anti-Islam film, Iran-born Dutch city council member Ehsan Jami (pictured here making me question my heterosexuality) is about to release his new cartoon The Life of Mohammed. Sounds innocuous enough until you consider the fact that Mohammed's life includes raping his 9-year-old "wife" Aisha. Like the best Disney animators, Jami will bring Mohammed's pedophilia to glorious life by depicting him luring a young girl into a mosque bearing a swastika (huh?) while sporting a raging erection. Is it just me, or do Dutch cartoon protests of the horrors of Islam resemble 1970s-era Mad Magazine? Because they have no respect for freedom and no critical thinking skills, the local Muslims and Government Contact Body (great name for a politically charged straight-to-DVD psychosexual thriller, by the way) are lobbying the Dutch government to ban the film because it might upset homicidally insane Muslims. Not to sound insensitive, but boo fucking hoo. More details here.

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