Monday, March 10, 2008

Druggy Drinking Water

So here's the short of it: the drinking water supplies of millions and Americans have tested positive for trace amounts of various pharmaceuticals--including antibiotics, anti-psychotics, pain medicine, and sex hormones. The AP conducted a large-scale investigation of the matter and found that drugs pass through our bodies, pass through waste treatment facilities, enter the water supply, and make it through the purification process for human consumption. Who knew the buggers were so durable? What they didn't find was any evidence that this is a problem. After all, these are tiny amounts of drugs we're talking about--not nearly enough to even qualify as a dose. But the AP article on the subject hints at vague future problems our bodies might possibly sustain from continued exposure to the pharmaceuticals. For example, the article mentions "disturbing" environmental health problems found in wildlife but doesn't actually say what those problems are or whether they've been linked to drug-laced water. More spotless reporting from the AP. Something is happening, and it may or may not kill you. More details here.

UPDATE 3/11/08:
Apparently the AP ate my words and have released a followup article detailing the damages these trace amounts of drugs have caused to exposed wildlife. Perhaps some of my above snark was unwarranted. Perhaps. You can read the new details here.

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