Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Seven (More) Deadly Sins

You can't say the Vatican hasn't put forth an effort to keep up with our changing times. First they set up the official Vatican website, then they elected a pope whose Prada loafers just scream "thoroughly modern man". And this week they've released a new batch of deadly sins for our hustle and bustle world. Riding on Al Gore's ever-expanding coattails (global warming is, after all, the new Pogz), pollution is now considered an offence to God by the Catholic Church. What'll also get you a broadband connection straight to hell? Genetic engineering (so long, Botswana and your life-giving crops), obscene riches (since when is the Vatican not gilded?), taking drugs (but that's the only thing that kept John Paul II sort of living), abortion (but not throwing yourself down the stairs), social injustice (hell will soon be full of Chinese), and pedophilia (uncomfortable cough). More details here.

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