Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama's Crazy Albatross

UPDATE (3/14/08):
Obviously, Sen. Obama reads this site, because he's fired Jeremiah Wright from his campaign and denounced the crazed preacher's sermons. Since you're such a fan, Barack, might I send you a copy of my resume? I hear there's an opening on your African American Religious Leadership Committee. More details here.

Barack Obama should really hand in his membership card to the Trinity United Church of Christ. The man is obviously thoughtful enough that he doesn't need to lean on the crutch of religion, and the church's insane pastor, Jeremiah Wright, keeps dragging the poor senator into the morass of guilt by association. Obama has said that he doesn't agree with Wright's blitheringly idiotic racism, but he also maintains (like John McCain) that a candidate should be allowed to accept an endorsement from someone with whom they don't always agree. That's as may be, but now there's a video of Wright saying that black people should sing "God Damn America" instead of "God Bless America". And because of his association, Obama is forced to comment on it. Sadly, this seems like an instance where cowtowing to religion (any religion) may alienate as many voters as it's supposed to comfort. In all fairness, though, America hasn't been too kind to black people over the years. Wright's stupid phrasing aside, you can't live in the south all your life like I have and not have a clear understanding of how the mistreatment of blacks has literally crumbled our society. Obama should leave Wright to pray for an imaginary intervention from above and instead focus on solving these problems himself. More details here.

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