Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Doggy Suicide

For over fifty years now, dogs have been mysteriously hurling themselves off the Dumbarton Bridge in Scotland. There's nothing about the area which would make a dog's life particularly depressing, and being illiterate animals, they rarely leave a note. A BBC documentary investigated the doggy deaths and determined that the animals were following the scent of mink trails. Which sounds like a mundane explanation until you discover that this was due to the fact that Scottish dogs maintain an elaborate black market fur trading empire. Still, despite the fact that science has successfully explained the phenomenon, cranks aren't so quick to lay the issue to rest. One such crank is 44-year-old Utopias Shinne (yes, that does sound like an L. Ron Hubbard character), who says that "psychic research" at the bridge has revealed that it's haunted by a white or gray lady, and that a medium claimed to feel the presence of an "angry ghost" there. This, of course, makes no sense. For one thing, "psychic research" is the same thing as "no research". And for another, why would this ghost have a thing for pushing dogs off bridges? More details here.

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