Monday, November 10, 2008

Stating the Obvious

A study out of the University of Chicago shows that the reward centers of the brain light up in aggressive teenagers when they watch videos of people being hurt. The conclusion? That bullies inflict pain for the sheer joy of it. Why we needed a study to prove this is anyone’s guess, as there didn’t seem to be any risk/reward calculations involved in that time four guys tied me to a tetherball pole and beat me with a dildo. (I went to a private Christian school, so weird things happened.) But if we were going to try and apply these results practically, I suppose this might lead to a pill-based anti-bullying medication. Just chemically deaden the pleasure centers in all bullies’ brains. Because, really, are they using any other part of their brains anyway? In conclusion, I’m a dork. More details here.

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