Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Florida Forrestphiles

Okay, so Barack Obama's election hasn't given the country a reason enema like it should have. Proposition 8 was defeated in California, so now an entire population of citizens will have their civil rights taken away because an invisible person thinks dudes kissing is icky. A similar ban on gay marriage was voted into law in Florida, but no one was really surprised about that. Mostly because of stories like this: The Duval County School Board voted earlier this week to prevent changing the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School even though the student population is over 50% black and Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate slave trader and Ku Klux Klan leader. Actually, the last part is reason enough. White kids shouldn't have to suffer this indignity either. Because they're racist morons, the majority white school board decided that Forrest, who was elected the KKK's first Grand Wizard and allegedly massacred black prisoners during the Civil War, has gotten a bad rap over the years. One Forrest supporter who attended the school board meeting on the issue praised the former Confederate general as a "military genius". So it's good to know their priorities are in order. More details here.

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