Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night Crunkathon '08

Crack open the champagne or puncture the Ziploc bag of homemade hooch you've been fermenting under your bunk, because it's time for the liveblogging event of the fall fashion season: Election Night Crunkathon '08! Below, you can see a window for the liveblog where our panel of experts and amateurs will be checking in at the top of every hour this evening (starting at 7pm EST) to catch you up on election news and/or make uncomfortable jokes involving genitalia. Also, you can see a window for the evening's open chat room, where you can interact with fellow political junkies or perhaps score some smack from actual junkies. Anything goes in the chat room, and it's yours until the party ends when the election is called for Ralph Nader. Or whatever. Plus, there's a fabulous prize of one (1) roll of George W. Bush toilet paper for the lucky chatter who can describe the most creative use for this priceless relic from the past eight years of American horror. If you want to be considered, please include your email address in your post.

That's it. Let's crunk it up.

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