Friday, November 14, 2008

GM Hullabaloo

An Austrian study has found that a long-term diet of genetically modified maize (or as the Indians called it, maize) decreases fertility in laboratory mice. Moronic environmental groups like Greenpeace and moronic tax burdens like Prince Charles have been up in arms about GM crops for years now, claiming that they will somehow result in freakish mutations and are developed solely to line the pockets of international corporations. This despite the fact that eating something can’t alter your genome and GM crops actually provide a cheap and abundant food source for millions of people all over the world who would literally starve without them. The researchers involved in the mouse study were quick to point out that no conclusions can be drawn from it without further testing, and there’s certainly no reason yet to think that similar effects would be found in humans. Regardless, Greenpeace and other idiots are citing the study to prove the dangers of GM crops and to call for a world-wide ban. This just goes to show you that Greenpeace loves whales almost as much as they hate starving children in developing countries. More details here.

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