Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We’re Fine, Thanks

The American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors has had about enough of the Mormon church’s sneaky do-gooding and wants them to stop posthumously Baptizing Jewish Holocaust victims once and for all. For over a century, the smily-faced con operation known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has practiced the posthumous baptism of those who would otherwise burn in hell (or on a hell planet, I’m not quite sure) for not being squeaky clean Mormons. Obviously, they don’t want Holocaust victims to suffer any more than they already have, so they’ve particularly tried to go after the imaginary souls of innocent Jews with their imaginary water. Understandably, many living Jews see this as a gross disrespect toward their faith and their suffering at the hands of the Nazis. To that end, the AGHS has not only called for an end to the practice, but also an undoing of the posthumous baptisms that have already occurred. I’m all for people of varying religions telling each other what to do, but itsn’t this like asking a kindergartener to remove the kootie serum from the circle, circle, dot, and dot he just drew on your arm? More details here.

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