Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mythbusters on YouTube

If you’re reading this site, you probably like Mythbusters. Or your Google search for “amateur MILF” brought you to the wrong place. Even still, you may like Mythbusters, so you’ll be interested to know that Adam and Jamie will be appearing on the first ever YouTube Live, a streaming variety show premiering Saturday, November 22 in San Francisco and on (you guessed it) YouTube. Walrus ‘Stache and Sugar Rush (as they’re known on the manga circuit) were asked to perform because of the tremendous popularity of their video clips on YouTube and around the Internet. Here’s hoping they use a giant paintball gun to reproduce the Sistine Chapel. The boys will be joined by “rapper” Soulja Boy (who will crank something), “singer” Katy Perry (who will kiss something), and “hologram” Will.i.am (who will punctuate something). More details here. And enjoy one of my favorite Mythbusters clips right now:

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