Friday, November 14, 2008

Indian Moon Hoax

A TV-sized probe decorated with a painting of the Indian flag supposedly detached from the Indian Space Research Organization’s lunar orbiter, Chandrayaan-1 and crashed into the surface of the moon. Supposedly. As we all know, going to the moon is impossible since the Earth is flat and the sun and moon are both simple optical illusions created when gas lamp light reflects off of low-hanging fog. But I guess India needs to pretend it’s taking its rightful place on the world scientific stage as a bastion of democratic prosperity in the heart of Asia. This whole moon probe story is even more unbelievable, though, when you realize that the so-called “Moon Impact Probe” was designed simply to smash into the lunar surface and subsequently break. Even if the moon were real, this wouldn’t really be a very impressive display of scientific discovery. Still, I suppose we all “owe” India a sarcastic slow clap and a half-assed “way to go, there.” More details here.

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