Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The New York Knicks may have lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder recently, but it wasn't because they were less skilled at throwing balls into baskets or whatever. It's because they were spooked! For two days, the Knicks stayed in Oklahoma City's Skirvin Hilton hotel, which is supposed to be haunted. "It's scary," basketeer (is that a position?) Jared Jeffries said. Fellow baller Eddy Curry claims to have slept only two hours a night out of fear a ghost would enter his room and mess with him. It's obvious these guys aren't very familiar with how ghosts operate. Sure, they sometimes wrap their bony hands around your neck and squeeze until your eyes pop out of your sockets, but most of the time, they just wander around like vagrants and maybe slam a kitchen cabinet or two. Which, really, is no different than what Michael Jordan does just about every night these days. Minus the Hanes pajamas, of course. More details here.