Friday, January 15, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Some say our very existence on this planet is proof that God created the universe just for us. Consider the odds that the earth would be positioned just so in the solar system. Closer to the sun, and we might burn up. Further away, and we might freeze to death. Creationists call this phenomenon "fine tuning", and they argue that all signs point to a reality tailor made for humans. But if we're going to follow that logic, then it seems likely that 89-year-old World War II veteran William Baines was personally murdered by the Lord. When Mr. Baines bent down one afternoon to start his lawnmower, a box of matches fell out of his pocket. He stepped on them accidentally, setting them ablaze. Because he'd just been gassing up his mower, the fire ignited the flammable vapor in the air, spreading to his gasoline-specked clothes. Mr. Baines kept his mower in an enclosed passageway, since thieves had previously tried to steal it from his shed. As he ran down the passageway in flames, he trotted through a puddle of gasoline on the floor, fueling the growing fireball that eventually burned him to death. What Mr. Baines did to enrage God is anyone's guess. I'm hoping this is just a tragic series of coincidences, but my gut tells me this can't be true. More details here.