Saturday, May 8, 2010


Do you listen to The Amateur Scientist Podcast? Do you read the blog at AmateurScientist.org? Can you spare some change, mister? Then you might be interested in donating in the very first CELEBRATHON pledge drive!

Using the PayPal button at the bottom of this post, you can donate as much or as little as you can afford. Really, just a buck or two would help. But if you'd like to give more, then there might also be some lovely gifts in store for you.

Donate at least $10, and you'll receive an original piece of digital art depicting the savage evening when Brian Thompson, host of The Amateur Scientist Podcast, was sexually assaulted by Bigfoot, as recounted during our live show in Atlanta earlier this year.

Donate at least $35
, and you'll receive an exclusive pledge drive t-shirt featuring your choice of the three designs you see below by the amazing Alan B. (click to embiggen). That's in addition to the aforementioned Bigfoot art. Yes, TWO prizes! I know, right? In the special instructions on the PayPal donation page, just be sure to include your preferred shirt size (S-XXL) as well as the design you'd like (Rabbit, Lion, or Rhino).

The CELEBRATHON pledge drive will continue throughout the month of May, during which The Amateur Scientist Podcast will play host to a series of great celebrity guests. As always, the show is free of charge.

Anything you can give is appreciated, but times are obviously tough. If you can't give any money, please show your support by leaving The Amateur Scientist Podcast a review on iTunes. Or just tell a friend about the show.