Friday, May 14, 2010

Laura Bush: Freedom Figh-- TOO LATE!

Appearing on a recent edition of "Larry King (Still A)live", former first lady and world record holder for longest time spent not blinking one's eyes (63 years and counting!) Laura Bush revealed that she's a-okay with gay marriage. Also, she's pro-choice and believes it's important that abortion remain legal for "medical reasons and other reasons". Too bad she was never in a position to effectively champion these causes while her husband, the former president of the United States of America, called for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. I understand that literacy was her issue of choice, but was she really that terrible at multitasking? I mean, she took a few minutes every year to show some asshat from the "Today" show around the White House Christmas decorations. She maybe could have mentioned that her husband and the entire political party to which he belonged was dead wrong on civil rights issues. But she probably didn't want to rock the boat. Too much rocking, and you might get a splash in the eyes, and then where would her non-blinking record go? More details here.