Monday, May 17, 2010

Gypsies, Trannies, Thieves

A Portland, Oregon female-to-male transsexual is claiming he was conned out of $150,000 worth of merchandise by a local psychic. The tranny thing wouldn't be an issue except that the psychic contends that her accuser is crazy, alternating between his male and female personas and trying to besmirch her good name. Drakar Druella says he was suffering a mid-life crisis and sought the psychic services of Cathy Stevens, a gypsy fortune teller. According to Druella, Stevens had him purchase a $22,000 Vatican "tabernacle" to cleanse him of negative energy, a $46,000 Hummer to take on spiritual retreats, and $38,000 in Rolex watches for, I'm guessing, telling time. Druella feels duped, though one wonders whether a saner person might have started suspecting foul play after the first $50,000 or so in frivolous charges. But Stevens claims Druella intended to go into business with her and that spending all that money was his idea. She also says the police have targeted her for being a gypsy, thereby violating her religious freedom. I don't know what's what here. Druella seems pretty unhinged, as he claims he was abused in Satanic rituals before the age of five. And Stevens seems like a con woman, since she claims to have psychic powers. The only thing I can say for certain is that this has all the makings of a hilarious third theatrical team-up for Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. More details here.