Monday, May 3, 2010


A commercial fisherman from Maine has harbored a dark secret in his garage for fifteen years. No, it's not a plastic bag full of neighborparts. It's a skull. BUT FROM WHAT??? It seems the skull was pulled from a depth of 300 fathoms beneath the sea, which may or may not be the optimal breeding depth for the Star God's arcane brood. His brother-in-law wanted to toss the infernal artifact back beneath the waves, but this fisherman opted to keep it, as he's a collector of strange things. STRANGE THINGS SUCH AS OCCULT CURSES??? Maybe. But it's likely the skull belonged to some sort of bottom-dwelling fish, as it has an opening on one side that suggests the presence of gills. But, the thing also has been leaking a strange brown liquid lo these past fifteen years, so who knows what it is? (Probably a fish.) More details here.