Thursday, May 27, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Ghost

So, CCTV footage from a parking lot at a Scottish hotel shows a strange object some say is a ghost. That's not so unusual. When confronted with anomalous images, the Scottish often jump directly to the ghost theory, since their land is teeming with malcontented spirits. You see, ghosts are often doomed to walk the earth after suffering a violent death, and 92% of the deaths in Scotland can be attributed to aggravated boredom. But I'm pretty sure this image isn't of a ghost. Watching the footage, you can clearly see rain falling. And if you've ever seen rain fall on a camera lens, you know that's exactly what this thing is. But click through to the source link and take a gander at the comments. Someone is defiantly proclaiming that this footage was not taken on a rainy night, despite the appearance of water droplets falling from the sky. You might think this is a case study in willful delusion, but you'd be wrong. Not many realize, but the Scottish government pays operatives to deny rain ever falls in the country, lest the rumor drive down tourism revenue and, consequently, undertaker profits. In other words, Scotland is a wet, dull mess. More details here.