Monday, May 26, 2008

Bill Clinton Uncovers Cover-up

This is just getting ridiculous. Or, more accurately, this is just getting ridiculouser. Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is losing the Democratic in the popular vote, cannot catch up with Barack Obama in the delegate count, and still would lose even if the DNC counted votes in Florida and Michigan that they won't actually count, her lovable husband Bill is claiming that she is, in fact, ahead. We just don't know it because anti-Hillary forces are covering it up. And like 9/11 conspiracy theorists can't name the real estate speculators who supposedly profited from the WTC attacks, Bill can't tell us who's orchestrating the conspiracy against his wife. For Christ's sake, can't this woman catch a break? Back in the '90s, she and her husband fell victim to a vast right-wing conspiracy as well. More people have conspired against her than even Alex Jones. (If you're reading this, Alex Jones, you should know I can see you through your shower head.) If this level of insanity continues, we might all be wondering in a few months if Hillary's Obama assassination intimations were less wishful thinking and more actual plans. More details here.

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